What is Still Queer as Folk?

Still Queer as Folk is an episode-by-episode analysis and critique of the of Showtime’s Queer as Folk television show. The show started airing in December 2000, and we discuss how gay life has changed, or stayed the same 17 years later. At the end of each episode we ask the question of if the show content still holds up. Please note that this podcast carries an Explicit rating. We discuss topics related to the show that may not be suitable for all listeners. Our TV-style rating is TV-MA; Course Language, Sexual Content, and Suggestive Dialog. 

Who made this?

Still Queer as Folk is written and performed in Chicago by Patrick Randall and Matt Dominguez. Patrick is a photographer, Instagrammer (IG: patrickrandall), and technologist. Matt (IG: matthewpd) is a theater director and producer. This is our first podcast, and we really hope you like it!

Are there any spoilers?

Generally not. We are watching the episodes in order, but we’ve both seen the entire series before, so from time to time we might foreshadow things to come. When we started the podcast, we anticipated that listeners would watch the episode first and then listen to Still Queer as Folk. However, we’ve found that quite a few listeners remember the show so well that they go straight to the podcast. We would love to hear how you’re listening!

You got something wrong, and I want to let you know about it!

You can leave a comment here under the episode in question, or you can Tweet at us @stillqueeraf. We’d love to hear what you think.

Where can I watch the TV show?

Queer as Folk is available in the US for streaming on Showtime and Netflix. DVDs are also available on Amazon.com. For the most part, we're watching DVDs with the original soundtrack when we review each episode of the show. If you're watching the show outside of the US, let us know where, and we'll add that info.